OpenTTD intro game 'competition' 1.9 - Voting round 1

The entries

There have been eight submissions to the titlegame contest which I numbered randomly. Unfortunately one had to be disqualified as it uses NewGRFs. Deadline for votes is Friday, March 29th, 23:59:00 UTC.

Pages with screenshots of all submissions can be found in the following resolutions. Each page has screenshots made with the OpenGFX, aBase, NightGFX and the TTD base set:

For easy watching 'at home' you can download all the savegames (740KiB zip) or all the savegames and screenshots (357MiB zip).

How does voting work?

Due to the release schedule there will be one round of votes only.

How do I vote?

Please send your vote listing the savegame number(s) to either

More information can be found in the forum.

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