OpenTTD intro game 'competition' 1.1 - Results

Welcome to final round of voting for the OpenTTD intro game for 1.1.

Last update: Wed Mar 13 2011

Voting has been closed, the winner is by a close margin Romazoon's game (game #1 from the final voting round). Congratulations!

Congratulations also to all other contestants, especially the 2nd placed. It has been a very close and interesting competition. All submissions were all very good.
The results of the votes can be found on the votes page.

The first round of votes is closed and three quite clear winners have been found. You can see the full results here and verify that your vote has been properly attributed to your choices. If you don't want your name as given by the e-mail to be on that page, drop me a line. Two votes were not counted due to a very obvious fraud attempt. That person should be ashamed, even more so looking at the current results, he doesn't deserve it.

The three savegames with the highest score made it into this final round; for easy watching in the browser use one of the links below. For easy watching 'at home' you can download all the savegames (260KiB zip) or all the savegames and screenshots (33MiB zip).

In this final round of votes every person has exactly one vote. The game with most votes wins and will become the title game for the OpenTTD 1.1.x series.

Pages with screenshots of all three submissions can be found in the following resolutions. Each page has screenshots made with the OpenGFX and the TTD base set:

More information can be found on the forum.